Wednesday, February 19, 2014

THHEAVY: Be Prepared

Good show! My old time mate THHEAVY! I remember last time most of the time I fail to court her and ride with her. Either I abandon her or she chase me out! Later instead I courting others as replacement. Really I have an emotional feeling! Hahahaha.. :-)

Today THHEAVY traded with high volume after consolidated for some times since July. Now she has awaken. Ready to charge higher. I foresee she can chase up ALAM (my ex-mate) price which is in the range of RM1.40 to RM1.60. Those who miss the boat can collect below RM1.00. As long as the upside support 0.95cts stay intact, we should not be worry about.

Good Luck. Happy Trading and Cheers!

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