Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It has been almost 6 months since my last coverage. No doubt our mart still roller coaster than until now we are seeing more clear picture where we are heading after months of base building and consolidation. Yes, the Bull is here! Budget Rally! UMNO Election Rally! All will become headline and speculation among all the traders. 

This is good sign to me and an opportunity to earn extra! But also be caution on speculative play counters which I been interested recently, GPACKET and CENSOF. Well, I like speculative! Beside this I am also have interest with INSAS as well as my old time lover ALAM currently still holding which I bought it early May around 90 cents. I am planning to exit ALAM and enter GPACKET, CENSOF and INSAS. Hope it all go well for me. :-) How far our KLCI going north this time? I have been targeting 2000 pts since 3 years ago but yet to achieved until now. hahaha... Here is what I plan to do for my 3 new baby this few days.

GPACKET Catch the Knife! I will be buying between 43 and 46. 
Any failure within this point I will exit. 
This entry would be low risk with high return of above RM1. 

CENSOF Anytime now! Entry between 52 and 53 will be safe for upside of RM1. 
Exit if 50 cts support failure.

INSAS Safe buy! Entry between 60 and 62 will be good for RM1 target. 
Exit if 60 cts support failure.

Well, which counter you choose or prefer? This will depend on your risk and appetite level. My style is play safe. Hehehehe. Be patient and follow your instincts and make your own call! Do be cautions all the time and my this plan is merely my prediction. :-) It may and may not achieved but I hope it will fit to my own plan game for me so that I will not panic!!! That's all and hope the best for everyone. 

Cheers and Happy Trading!

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