Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GE13 - Historical Election Fever Ever!

Yes, it's time for election fever! The most historical general election chapter for Malaysia ever! Since the announcement of parliament dissolution, everyday I am enjoying reading news about BN or PR popping out in the internet or newspaper. Today will be announcement of full BN candidates list and I expect more fight going on in coming weeks and I am really eager and interested to see how each of the the political candidates box each other to gain votes and influence an ordinary Rakyat like me. :-)

Well, Penang has been flooded by a lot of free goodies, foods, lucky draws and some heard got receiving Ang Pow and even have international concert for this coming Saturday featuring American hip-hop, HK artistes and local artistes. Personally I did not have chances to attend any of such free food event/functions as it definitely crowded. Have few of my friend been there and eat for free. I only attend few ceramah here and there and most of the facts can be found in the internet. This time round I can feel the differences, the people power seem stronger than ever. Every Kopitiam I go also heard people talk about election! :-)   

The election fever will go wild next week after the nomination day. It will be getting more interesting and intensify when the polling day draw closer. I am observing the playing field for states like Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Johor and Sabah. Can BN retain as government or PR forming a new government? We shall see on 505!

So, how about our local mart? Indeed it performing very well. I would say it is better to accumulate now (if the stock have uptrend sign) and not to be influence by fears of the pre or post election syndrome. If the stock is on uptrend, the downside risk will be minimal and of cause we need to execute a tight cut-loss or trailing stop should the trend really violated.

Personally I see more upside for some of small cap/lower liner stocks which I had covered or trade previously. ITRONIC I hold since Feb does not move much and I just leave it there, TAKASO seem coming back (H9N7 bird flu?), PERDANA got a good run up which I miss it - Thumbs Up!, ALAM looks upside and seem like playing goyang flushing?, INCKEN looks steady, IRMGRP looks interesting and TEBRAU worth to follow. 

Lets all we wait after post election and I foresee more interesting speculative play in our local mart going forward and KLCI have potential to push even more higher! Always Be Confident and Stay positive! :-)

Cheers and Happy Trading!

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