Friday, April 19, 2013

GE13: Free Charity Dinner Ever!

Today is my lucky day? Well, when I was on the way to have my dinner at Chai Leng Park, Prai, Penang. I spotted some big crowds at the Restaurant Wellesley with lots of 1Malaysia flag. Looks like it is free dinner? So I decided to join the crowds and would like to have some feel of the election fever excitement. Ha ha ha... :-) Indeed it is free dinner and real excitement seeing a lot of people collecting free 1Malaysia t-shirts and long queuing at food stalls. Luckily the dinner not yet start and 10 minutes to go waiting for 7:30pm. When times up people are grabbing foods for themselves and it is fast and all in orderly manner. This is great! I only need 10 minutes to get my free foods. Looking for sitting is bit troublesome but still able to find my sit after all. I manage to eat claypot chicken rice, some rojak and koay chap. I did not attend the ceramah, night show and lucky draw functions cause it will be till late night! Here is some pictures. :-) 

Happy GE13 Fever and Happy Trading! Cheers!

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