Friday, February 01, 2013

Freelance Stock Trader

set-up my first stock market web blog in mid 2006. I am rather active for the first 3 year and lot of visitors came to my chat room and we are learning from each other. There were few experience visitors as well, sharing their knowledge and provide guidance to all of us in the chat room. It was a happy moments and entertaining in the chat room throughout the years. Personally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for visiting my blog and I am hoping they were all doing good in the stock market and personal life.

During this period, I keep on learning a lot of technical analysis and putting to use in real life trade. Practising and applying my own formula for my own trading rules yet still did not progressing well but at least I did not loss much and make some profit. By end of 2006 I only manage to earn RM6K thru a roller coaster ride for past 6 months. I still did not give up and a lot of tweaks are done from time to time to find a comfortable trade setting and perfecting my trading system. I know there is more need to be done going forward.

I still ride with a roller coaster life in my 2007/2008 trading. I started to trade FKLI as well and it was really a different feeling. Trading futures index is like fast and furious. I need to have different mentality to adapt but it is a good experience to have. I manage to win more than lose in FKLI trading. This time I manage to generate profit of RM35K from stock and FKLI. The year 2008/2009 is a smooth sailing and progressing years for me as the market are recovering from the US financial crisis sell down. I am getting more confident and my trading system seems to be working! By end of 2009 I have earned around RM157K. It was my personal breakthrough and I was extremely happy and triumph with the result - from initial of RM20K now turn out to have RM218K in less than 5 years!

I decided to cash out 70% from my total capital and use it for my personal debts payment (car loan 45K, personal loan 30K and credit cards 50K - I was indeed a big credit card spender with pile of debts accumulated since 2001 and banks has earned good profit from my yearly interest payment!). Well, I also bought myself a new mid size car as my self reward :) - settle old car loan and start a new car loan debt account. See, this is how I get myself into debts again! 

Now, I have only about RM65K as my capital for me to trade again in stock market with the aim to create even more profit! This time I have new plan in my mind.

To be continue...

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