Friday, January 25, 2013

Money Not Enough #2

I did not just give up. I want some alternative answer to know how stock market works. There should be a way to understand the shares price movement. So, I went to bookstore to look for some books and one of the book title get my attention “How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market” by Nicolas Darvas. I flip through some pages, this is interesting and will help me to shed some light of what I want to know.

My 1ststock market book really a slow pace reading of real life Nicolas Darvas. I learned about share prices enter and exit that base on boxes. How he use it to win the market. I still not convince myself to move into the market.

I search more about Malaysia stock market in the internet. Finally I found a few blogs talking about stock. Every day I was following their chat room as silent reader only - as I don’t know what to say since I was newbie afraid that I will be a laughing stock when I ask silly question or talk nonsense. Day by days I started to understand more about the stock market. I apply OSK188 online stock quotes subscription as per recommended. I am begin to active in the blogs chat room, asking question, helping others as per what I know even I also consider as newbie.

I started to get involve in stock trading in 2nd half of 2005 with my starting capital of RM20K. Well, it is not a happy trade. I still make lost most of the time. Whatever I win will be short live, the market going to take away my winning money sooner or later. Most of the time I did successful buying before any price spike, but I fail to know which price direction it will go. I still tend to like holding on the stocks and hope! In the end later market is eating up my profit and end up become loss.

To be continue...

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