Sunday, January 20, 2013

ALAM Got Strength For Higher

Will ALAM trend higher and chase up PERDANA? I would say high possibility! From my observation and my little instinct say it may go towards 1.50 and possible 1.80 as well after CNY.
Before such optimistic view materialized, the 1st thing need to observe is the current level upside support which stay at 86/87 need to hold up well enough! Once it stay there it will have more chances to shoot till 1.06/1.07. In order to reach to level 1.50~1.80, again we need to watch carefully the next support 91/92. If this level break loose than we may forget about this target in short term! But I do not foresee it would happen! I still believe ALAM have potential to trend higher in coming three month! Can ALAM do it? We shall see then...  :-)

Happy Trading and Cheers!

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