Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 1st Half Stock Picks

Happy New Year 2013! 
Below are the only three stock picks for my 1st Half of 2013. 
All of this stocks are spill over from 2012. 

Note: TIGER & MTRONIC now become as my alert list only. PERDANA outperform PERISAI & THHEAVY as my favorite O&G counter as for now.

Happy Trading and Investing. Cheers!


JR said...

Love your blog. Very informative. Seems like you spent a lot of time perfecting the blog with all the widgets. You're a full-time trader?

BullTrader said...

Jr, Thanks. Not really full-time. Just as freelance trader only. :-)

Ray Khor said...

Very informative indeed. Could I get your view on FARLIM and MYEG please?
Cheers mate