Monday, December 17, 2012

My 1st Reaction as Stock Market Newbie #1

OxO * Old time story for my memory refreshment * OxO

I was getting my first full time job in 1995 with a salary of RM1.5K per month. As a fresh graduate (under graduate at that time), the important is to work, get experience and move step by step through corporate ladder. I think most of us are following the same path – study and graduate, find job and earn the paycheck. I am still novice and did not have any plan what I want to be in next few years or how I want to use my paycheck. I just keep working and save some money. By end of 1995, I have my saving around RM15K in bank.

My dad one day talk to me, he mention about stock market, shares, remisier, broker, buying lots, politics, this and that. I know nothing about it. What is that? I am rather dumb and I did not read much newspaper as well! He said I can use some of my saving to invest in the market and the investment will keep growing in years to come. So I follow what he said, I open my first account with Hwang DBS.

Here I go, now I can buy shares and own small tiny little pie as shareholder of a company. I was thinking, should I use all my saving? My only first knowledge about stock market is 'Put my saving in shares, it will go up in long term'. So I decided to throw all RM15K into the stock market.

My dad did recommend me to buy a few counters, if I remember correctly it is MULPHA around RM1.3x and TANCO around RM1.9x (property counter) per lot. I just follow and buy and fully use up all RM15K. At that time I have no commitment to made, so I have no problem to let my saving floated in the market. 

I has been told to read more on business newspaper, so I just follow and start reading on business columns. Most of the time, I read the shares price columns (there is lack of internet services around that time, the only info I can get is from newspaper). Few weeks later, I was surprise to see both counters start moving up. This is the best moment of joy! I look for MULPHA and TANCO, seeing the price appreciation, make me feel good - Yes, my investment really bear fruits. I smile happily.

To be continue.....

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john little said...

hi friend, i read your article, actualy i am a beginer in share market so i want that u share your knowladge & experience about it........
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Rei said...

Hi bull trader,
I have similar trading experience like you, but I started earlier to invest in IPOs and then start investing fully on year 1994 when I started my first job. Then the story will be about the same as yours but slightly different as I was in Spore investing in Malaysian shares under CLOB. Badly burnt and only started to learn much more on TA & FA only in 2009.
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