Saturday, November 10, 2012


TAKASO, the name is so hot for the last 2 weeks. Charging to 0.40 before heavy profit taking! The sell down was surprising too strong! Going below 0.32 which make me feel little uncomfortable. So, still have upside? Yes, if it still hold strong above 0.27. There should be a rebound coming next weeks. I would be looking for a trade and sell at resistance 0.35 if possible. By than I think it will move side ways for a while and we will see how it goes for the next target.

BENALEC, behave well and steady at the moment. Still unwilling to go down 1.28/1.29 :-) Good sign. It looks like going to test 1.42/1.43 for the 3rd time. If this can go through, than we are going for 1.70/1.80. I will be joining the boat then, yeah!. if this fail, time to looks for 1.28 and 1.35 support for the next direction.

Happy Trading and Good Luck!

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