Tuesday, October 09, 2012

SCOMI Smooth Ride?

My happy face and all grin when seeing this counter $++++. Bravo! I bought in after sold out my heavy lost making INGENCO and enter SCOMI @ 0.375 on 28/Sep (Top up). My 1st buy is in early Sep @ 0.29. So I am now riding happily all the way up. :-). The question is, how long can the smooth flight ride up? Here is some of my analysis and hope it will be helpful for you.

All signal looks positive as for now. Base on the weekly chart the major resistance will be at 0.55. I will exit below this level. In order to stay awake, do monitor the level 0.45/0.46 (from the hourly chart above). It is the resistance bounce. If this level can successfully penetrate, 0.55 is achievable. How about the next? Hmmm...It may turn south towards 0.30 possible of 50% retracement base on the support area from the chart above. Remember, market is emotional,  sudden trend and target will change overtime. Hope for the best.

Happy Trading!

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lester tarry said...

Yes your analysis is right.I observe market for full day and get countable profit.

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