Wednesday, October 17, 2012

INCKEN: A Trip To Vietnam

Yesterday, while I was doing some window shopping and to my notice a sweet and charming girl cross my eyesight. How sweet she was smiling at me. She looks familiar, I try to recall from my memory and to my surprise she was my Ex! Without hesitate I walk close to her and say 'Hi'. We have some chat and it was a great moment for both of us. We have been good relation years back and later we decided to move on our own way. Now she looks different, something that attracted me. Well, she told me she will be going for long trip to Vietnam mainly to Ha Long Bay and invited me to join her together with her friends. Without thinking I said Yes! 

Here is the trip info if you are interested to join. Do bring along your friends as well. Hehehe.. :-) We will depart today by Bus No.70,71 or 72.  There will be a transit at Bangkok and later ride with Bus No.85 to reach Phnom Penh and use ExpressBus No. 78 to ride towards Vietnam coastal road. The view will be pleasant, relaxing and real fun as well before reaching Ha Long Bay at station 110. We will be there for many days and will see if time permitting, we will be visiting Hanoi by Train No. 138. Hopefully will be back to our homeland before CNY 2013.

A note from Bus Operator: 

1) Do be prepare as they will be road block along the way, the major block would be with road towards Bangkok. If this is smooth, we might visiting some famous place at Bangkok with   Tour No.90 or Tour No.95. You may experience a bumpy ride to Phnom Penh and it might end up at Ho Chi Minh at station 75.

2) If you feel bumpy ride and not able to tolerate or have sickness, do safe yourself, as there will be no medical provided. In the event of casualty, please do seek your own treatment or you may opt to change to super class Bus or return back home.

3) If you are not able to reach Hanoi don't force yourself. If you manage to reach Hanoi, do take care of yourself and don't over spend or commit illegal act, else you will be trap there and miss your homeland.

Good luck on your trip, safe ride and enjoy!


Laureen Sii said...

ohh. I love reading this, it is really a nice feeling when you see your ex and look different that can attract you. I smiled reading this and it is a nice trip in Vietnam. Enjoy your trip and experience a have a charming experience.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...