Monday, October 15, 2012


I put up this write was to refer to dknycom 'speculate' both this stock are recommended buy. :-) Hahahaha...Well, technically PERISAI and BENALEC still have potential upside. I have included the chart for your reference. If you look at both, I highlighted the red circle in PERISAI and BENALEC. It looks similiar, right? What I would take a quess is that BENALEC will follow the pattern of PERISAI which is profit taking. Will this happen? Let us see in next few days.

If it happen that BENALEC was going to take a price adjustment, I would recommend that to watch for 1.31 (main supporting trend line), 1.27 and 1.20 support area. Not to worry, all this 3 area will not cripple its upside momentum. We are looking for best LOWER price to enter for a target price of 1.50.

As for PERISAI, I was not comfortable at today close. It might go down to 0.98~1.01 if it does not hang up correctly at or above 1.05 (main supporting trend line), just need to watch carefully. Again, we are looking at the best LOWER buy price. Overall trend still have upside towards 1.38.

[Update 7:20am 16/Oct]
Personally I would prefer PERISAI as there is more upside gain (double of BENALEC) base on the current price. If would like to compare base on the company fundamental, I am not good at FA to comment here, hope there is good FA guys would be able to share some info. :-)

[Update 5:30pm 16/Oct]


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