Tuesday, January 03, 2012

KLCI: Still Marching Towards 2000

Bravo! Congratulation to you! If you still with the market and did survive rough volatile last year. Yes, you survive from the market :-). Those who still struggling or not earn enough $$$, not to worry, there is ample room for you to grow in the market again this year - Be the one to "Beat the Market".

Well, since our KLCI did not able to make it to 2000 in 2011, I re-write this target to this year! With current new year mood and progress in EU in dealing with debts, local front ETP development and GE13 will be the main catalyst for the market to rally.

Technical perspective, after hitting near 1600 a dive happen and bottom out at 1310 level (which luckily did not happen to breakdown below 1300 level is my crucial point to keep KLCI alive and bullish) and a strong rebound happen to push the index above 1500 last year closing. Base on this build up, I am still bullish with our KLCI performance and looking forward for more rally to come.

I would recommend that to monitor the index point that it will not turn down the 1500 level so easily and if that happen this is the time or opportunity for more buying.


Happy Trading and Good Luck.

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