Monday, June 07, 2010

KLCI: Byond 1500 or Blow 1150?

Since my previous coverage in Jan 2010, our KLCI index does not move much from the level of 1300. With the current world economic condition, financial issues in europe and the process of economy recovery, it was no doubt our market will behave accordingly. As for my personal view, the market still promising provided 1250-1280 level was strongly supported. This level will provide cushion for buying opportunities. In the worse case, if 1150 level been taken out, than it will be sad story for all of us here. BUT if the 1300 level was breakout for the 2nd time, than we may looking at beyond 1500 level and wish all that will come end of the year or 1st half next year. Hopefully! Be caution and stay alert. :-) Happy trading and good luck!

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