Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year, New Dream!

Dear ChatBox Members/readers/bloggers,

My sincere wish to all of you a Happy New Year 2009 and Fatt Fatt $$$ on your stock market trading! Hope this 2009 year will bring us more profit! and a signal end of the bear trend. By looking at the right picture, I feel it will be a long good year ahead. haa..haaa..

Be Happy always. :-)

What is in store for the Ox Year? Is there will be a Bull market in the making on this Ox Year??? Let us be positive and don't be persimistic about our market. Malaysia BOLEH!!

What will be my dream on 2009/2010? Well my final instinct confirm that I prefer the new Audi A4. :-) Hope I can profit at least 100% or more from the stock market! Does my goal is too optimistic? What is the trade strategy needed for next year and 2010 ?? Lets the market decide and take us for a good ride. "Bursa Malaysia! my dream car is on your hand now"..........

All the best for all of us! and Happy Trading!

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